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Shoememory is an extraordinary party board game collection. The concept focuses on shoe design, its history and ethnography. It is based on the memory game system, allowing 1 to 4 people to interact directly. The Signature shoes, Man Formal Shoes, Woman Formal Shoes boxes contain 2×18 cardboard cards. The Shoe History and the Footwear of Folk origin boxes contain 2×27 cardboard cards. On the front side it shows the unique colour scheme and the name of the shoe type in four languages. The back is patterned with the author’s coloured logo.

myshoememory board game

Throughout the game all ages can experience the history of the world’s most well-known fashion accessories, gender-based genres, their favourite features and functions – including legendary models made by designers and customers as cultist in the 20th century.

During the game the designer invites all those who want to associate the well-known memory game experiences with useful and trend-sensitive knowledge, and those who are committed to the traditionally-conscious, form-sensitive and unusual line of footwear.

Each pack contains an Info Brief Booklet with instructional description and additional information illustrated by the card package that completes the game.

IMG_6058_1RRApart from having the appearance of the traditional memory game it is also an educational resource, teaches important and exciting curiosities for all ages of the most important complement to human’s history – and becomes a playful entertainment for every age group.

Recommended from age 5. There is no age limit, it is entertaining for young and elder parents, teachers, students, mentors, coaches as well who are addicted to shoe which is one of our most interesting outfit accessory object.

 How to play?

The full memory pack should be well shuffled and placed face down on a flat non-reflective surface, preferably in 6 rows – each row containing 6 cards. In every turn each player flips two cards so that the pictures on the cards are visible for all players, then turns the two cards downwards and the other player follows. The aim is to find matching pairs of the cards.

The game ends when all the players find all pairs, and the winner is who collects the largest number of cards. The board game is made more exciting by the accompanying brochure of short stories about the history of the footwear found on the memory cards, as well as their unique and formal features.The average playing time of the game is about 20 minutes in case of 2 person’s interaction.

 Why is it more than the average memory game?

The Shoememory collection consists of eight multiple card sets that present 144 shoe types according to the different functions and thematics. The first edition of these groups were published since 2018:

Signature shoes


Man formal shoes

IMG_6693 MAN

Woman formal shoes

IMG_6685 Woman

Shoe history


Footwear of Folk origin


Our next editions are planned in 2022:  Sneakers&Sport shoes – Man and Women Streetwear shoes – Kids shoes – Slippers – Boots – Master Designer models

The game can be combined with the other group of Shoememory collection cards, thus increasing the complexity, information content and playing time of the game. The cartboard cards backside pattern of the different groups were coloured in distinct colours.  Any group can be combined with the other(s).


In case of playing the game with more than one set, the different colours of the backside will help you find the pair(s), and pack them back to their boxes easily when the game ends. If you feel to become an advanced player, there are also PRO possibilities to increase knowledge.

 PRO opportunities

When there are multiple card collections in one game at the same time, for example in case Woman’s and Man’s formal shoes are played together, then the contents of the infotainment packets are comparable to the standard dress-code requirements, so you can give the participants an extraordinary and proactive approach.

Historical and ethnographic inspirational memory packs help you identify (time span and location) the historical significance of footwear, the variety of traditions and wearing functions.

myshoememory pro

Search analogy is recommended e.g.:

1. Man and Woman formal shoes matching:
When Mom wears This, what will Dad choose?

2. Compairing Shoe history and Man’s formal shoes:
Do you find identical pieces?

3. Compairing Shoe history and Woman’s formal shoes:
Do you find history-related woman formal shoes?

4. Compairing Shoe history and Folk origin shoes:
Do you find ethnographic origin shoes in shoe history and vice versa?

5. Unisex:
Discover if you can find shoes those are nowadays became unisex wear!

6.  Compairing Shoe history and Folk origin footwear:

Do you find folk origin shoes in shoe history and vice versa?

Which shoes became national identities or symbols?

We provide a solution for matching, visit the dress code menu options.


 Info brief booklet

Each Shoememory package contains a small black&white Info Brief Booklet with the instructional description and additional informations, illustrated by the card package’s black and white contour drawings.

The board game is made more exciting by this accompanying brochure of short stories about the history of the footwear found on the memory cards, as well as their unique and formal features.

info brief booklet1


I recommend my Shoememory collection board game for entertainment and for educational purposes,too. It is a useful accessory for playing and learning at the same time from kindergardens to high-schools and universities.

The traditional game and educational purpose of Shoememory collection board game is complemented by an aesthetic experience. On the memory cards the genre models were custom designed, coloured and patterned individually with my shoe designing experiences. The shown shoe models colour definition is just as important for recognition as the distinctive shoe-types, their sewing or broguing profile, and shading solutions.

Find out more about shoes, read & learn while playing the game, I wish you have an enjoyable time!

Attalai Zita
shoe designer
author of the Shoememory board game collection

All rights reserved

Copyright © 2018 by Attalai Zita

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