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« The idea of ​​the Myshoememory party board game came from my needs to organize the shoe styles according to shoe design attributes. As I works as a shoe designer nearly since three decades I am aware of the of experience and knowledge to consider that methodizing shoe design history books are missing from the fashion history literature market. I decided to make one. The Myshoememory is signed with an ISBN number and it is an educational aid either an entertaining game. »

Zita Attalai shoe designer graduated at MOME University of Design of Budapest, Hungary in 1987. Her activity has got a deep addiction to shoes. Beyond industrial shoe design her artistic line is creating shoe sculptures. The shoe sculptures were presented in several museums all over the world. Deutsches Ledermuseum Schuhmuseum invited these works of art to public in 2002 and organized a camara exhibition titled Barokoko in Offenbach Frankfurt, Germany.  Later the collection has got invitation to Augustusburg in Weissenfels, Bonn, Brehmen, Mainz and Herne where the Schuhtick exhibition took place from 2008-2013 and also to Tikanojan Art Museum in Vaasa, Finnland.

In Spain ELDA Museocalzado dedicated a presentation to more than 20 pieces in 2002 and joined the event to the Award ceremony of the Mejor Calzada de Espana. Some shoe sculptures are now the part of museum’s contemporary shoe collection. In 2017 five unique pieces took center stage in U.S. the Science Museum Oklahoma’s smART Space Art gallerie as SMO unveils “Sole Expression: The Art of the Shoe”.

Zita has got hungarian origin she cares about the cultural tradion of the so-called ‘szegedi slippers’ which has been signed up and announced to be on the UNESCO national cultural heritage list in September 2018. She developed her new designer slipper brand line inspirated by this heritage which is launched in 2018. Find out more about 

The Myshoememory partyboard game depicts this unique hungarian national relics in the Folk origin footwear package.

 photo portrait:  Papp – Schneider Photography © 2015

Emplacement Budapest, Hungary Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail Heures Copyright © 2018 Attalai Zita PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
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