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We would be happy to provide special business offers with customizing our product to special occasions for Institutes, schools, any other fashion-context exhibition, museum-shops etc. Orders can be placed from MOQ 100 boxes / type.

If you are interested in an Artistic collaboration with the designer of the Myshoememory project please contact us directly. ( we can offer customized publications for art/design exhibitions )




Shoememory – Boardgame & educational aid

PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
ISBN 978-963-12-9958-8
Language / Info brief: hungarian – english
Language / Cards: hungarian-english-german-spanish
Author, layout, editor: Attalai Zita
Contributor: Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale
Special thanks to * Gabriella Janzsó * Janzsó-Bolyóczki Éva * Kerezsi Ágnes* Patkósné Tóth Zsuzsanna*
Daniela Topic-Sántha * Sallija Kalnina * Tóth Gyula Tothems * Veres Andrea* Zsuffa Zsanna Lídia
Publisher: Attalai Zita, ZIALE Design Studio/ Matura Erzsébet
Portrait Zita: Papp-Schneider Photography 2015
Portrait Rosa: Petronella Czeróczki 2018

Photoes: Rosa Susanna Durao Nhancale

First published: 2018
Layout & Design: Attalai Zita
Copyright 2018 by Attalai Zita

Budapest / Hungary / Europe 2017

Emplacement Budapest, Hungary Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail myshoememory@gmail.com Heures Copyright © 2018 Attalai Zita PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
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