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We recommend our  Shoememory collection board game for entertainment and for educational purposes too. From the kindergarden to schools, even high-schools and universities, museums can be interested in to use it in their programs.

The traditional game became an educational aid and also complemented by an aesthetic surplus. For each models, colour rendering is just as important for rememberability and recognition as the distinctive types of colours, their sewing or broguing profiles or their shielding solutions.

The memory cards the genre models were custom designed, tinted and patterned by the author of Shoememory game, Zita Attalai shoe designer.

Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale  is the contributor and curator of the Shoememory project


Shoememory – Boardgame & educational aid

PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
ISBN 978-963-12-9958-8
Language / Info brief: hungarian – english
Language / Cards: hungarian-english-german-spanish
Author, editor:  Zita Attalai
Contributor – curator: Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale
Special thanks to * Gabriella Janzsó * Janzsó-Bolyóczki Éva * Kerezsi Ágnes
Daniela Topic-Sántha * Patkósné Tóth Zsuzsanna * Sallija Kalnina * Tóth Gyula Tothems * Veres Andrea * Zsuffa Zsanna Lídia *
Publisher: Ziale Design Studio / Zita Attalai, Matura Erzsébet
Portrait Zita: Papp-Schneider Photography 2015
Portrait Rosa: Petronella Czeróczki 2018

Photoes: Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale

Published: 2018/1-2-3, 2019/4, 2021/5
Layout & Design: Zita Attalai
Copyright 2018 by Zita Attalai

The product owns design licence PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
Budapest / Hungary / Europe 2017

Thanks for the photo: P.I. Family
Thanks for the photo: P.I. Family
Emplacement Budapest, Hungary Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail myshoememory@gmail.com Heures Copyright © 2018 Attalai Zita PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
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