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When there are multiple card collections in one game at the same time, for example in case Woman’s and Man’s formal shoes are played together, then the contents of the infotainment packets are comparable to the standard dress-code requirements, so you can give the participants an extraordinary and proactive approach.

Historical and ethnographic inspirational memory packs help you identify (time span and location) the historical significance of footwear, the variety of traditions and wearing functions.

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Search analogy is recommended e.g.:

1. Man and Woman formal shoes matching:
When Mom wears This, what will Dad choose? For the solution please visit the dress-code menu options

2. Shoe history and Man’s formal:
Do you find identical?

3. Shoe history and Woman’s formal:
Do you find history-related woman formal shoes?

4. Shoe history and Ethnic origin shoes:
Do you find ethnographic origin shoes in shoe history and vice versa?

5. Unisex:
Discover if you can find any shoe that is now unisex!

6. Compairing Shoe history and Folk origin footwear: Do you find folk origin shoes in shoe history and vice versa? Which shoes became national identities or symbols?

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