Mission statement

The Shoememory is designed to make the traditional memory game a refreshed experience. It contains lots of informations that enrich our knowledge about shoes. We find that the shoe is the most exciting objects of desire in fashion history so that is why we focused on this accessory piece.
Shoes have always been more than just functional accessories that protect the feet to ease of walking. The shoes reveal the past, reflections, taste and worldview of mankind. Exceptional styles variation functionality and all the legends rumors can be tied to a pair of shoes which lead through centuries to nowadays life.
Think about your own shoes! Remember when you first stepped in a beloved pairs and walked along your way! Think of a model you have been desired for a long time ever since they could never be yours! Remember a pair of shoes which fit much more better on anyone else than on your feet!  

This game invites you to a world where every model can be a bit of Yours by knowing more and more about it and about the life or cultic inspiration of the designer who created them. You can get to know attributes of the special pieces and discover signature and creation shoes and also unknown details of appearence. You can recognize models you wear daily but still you never knew the identity name and the history of it. Until now!

So when we thought of  You – we imagined persons who are addicted to shoes so much as they will spend leisure time with the family and friends playing with our party board game. Far beyond we imagine teachers in schools who will use it as an educational aid teaching important details of history and visuality.

We would like to show You something you have never seen before.

The board game presents nearly the whole world of shoes from historical times, enriching cultures and diverse ethnic/ ethnographical groups and social communities from the farmer’s native land to the royal courts and far beyond to nowadays.

Have an enjoyable time!

Zita & Rosa

Shoememory Team 2018


Emplacement Budapest, Hungary Europe Téléphone +36204187276 E-mail myshoememory@gmail.com Heures Copyright © 2018 Attalai Zita PAT.92 552 Locarno 21-01 19-04
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