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Order is open for our new article SHOE HISTORY and FOOTWEAR OF FOLK ORIGIN groups which consists of 27 x 2 cartboard cards and were published in 2020-21 in Hungary, Budapest.

The price is for individual customers:  35 EUR + delivery costs. PERSONAL ORDERS CAN BE PLACED, here:

For our great joy the Shoememory collection’s first three packages: Signature shoes, Formal shoes / Man, Formal shoes / Woman  were already sold out in 2019. So, unfortunately we cannot offer these boxes, but the SHOE HISTORY and the FOOTWEAR OF FOLK ORIGIN packages are still available.

We are planning to purchase the second additions of all types in larger quantities.

If you intend to be a wholesale’s partner the orders can be place here, please send us email messages to: and please notice which product, which group you are interested in. We will send back a confirmation with actual minimum order quantity and wholesale prices’ details and also about the way of delivery and costs.

If you are a private customer please place your order and we will check our stock and confirm the delivery and all details personally.

Thanks for your attention,

Zita Attalai
shoe designer
Author of the Shoememory board game collection

Rosa Susanna Durao Nhancale
scientist, researcher, philantropist
Curator of the Shoememory board game collection


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