The Curator

Rosa Susana Durao Nhancale is a scientist, researcher, curator, philanthropist. She studied politics and applied mathematics in Budapest and Boston. Her Research Group analizes cultural antropology of childhood in 74 welfare countries around the world. Related to their research she is the visual curator of many children’s books and children’s toys. She leads two foundations  which are also childhood-focused, an unusual state of the art in the field of health care and music. Rosa joined the Myshoememory project in 2017 and works as a curator closely with the author on developing the future editions.

« I honestly think Zita and I have added something positive to the culture of footwear. Families, communities can share time and joy during the experience of playing the game. I am very happy that I have contributed to the engineering  works of the Shoememory cardboard game and we will truly inspire others,too. If someone plays with the cards will discover a passion for the professional design and the lots of information texts in the booklets. We devised the idea of  Shoememory card the common knowledge using an ingenious game-mechanism: My major contributions to the field of Shoememory was the discovery of game-tool making in a great way to teach footwear history’s knowledge with fantastic player tools for sophisticated and inquisitive childrens, families and communities worldwide.”

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