Why is it more than the average memory game?

The Shoememory collection consists of eight multiple card sets that present 144 shoe types according to the following themes:

Signature shoes
Shoe history
Footwear of folk origin shoes
Formal shoes / Man
Formal shoes / Woman
Streetwear shoes / Man
Streetwear shoes / Woman
Sneakers / Sport Shoes

Out first printed edition presents 5 groups. Signature shoes, Man formal shoes, Woman formal shoes, Shoe History and Footwear of folk origin party board games.

The game can be combined with the other group of Shoememory collection cards, thus increasing the complexity, information content and playing time of the game.

The cartboard cards backside pattern of the different groups were coloured in distinct colours. Any group can be combined with the other(s). In case of playing the game with more than one set, the different colours of the backside will help you find the pair(s), and pack them back to their boxes easily when the game ends.

If you feel to become an advanced player, there are also PRO opportunities to increase knowledge.

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