Shoe history

This group represents 27 x 2 cards presenting shoes from the ancient ages till 20th century’s most extravagant and iconic accessories of fashion history such as calceus, lotus-shoes, kab-kab, chopines and court-shoes….and more. This is a special package containing plus 9 x 2 more cartboard cards and also the Info Booklet which is extended for 44 pages.

Shoememory_Cipőtörténeti csomag_AttalaiZita (3)

The first limited edition Shoe history package of Myshoememory Collection was launched in January 2020 and now is available for individual customers too, directly from the Shoememory Team, here:

We will confirm the details and the pick-up point by email. The price is 35 EUR + delivery / postal fee for individual customers. See more details about the package-offers.

Looking forward to your requests,

Zita and Rosa

Shoememory Team


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